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Hi! I go by the name KnotSadistic. I'm a shibari practitioner and amateur photographer based in Columbus Ohio. Some samples of my work can be seen below. I'm always looking for people to photograph, ideally in rope but that's not a requirement. If you're interested in modeling please reach out via email or my FetLife page.

I host a monthly rope jam at Dynamics Dungeon on the 3rd Sunday of every month. A rope jam is an informal class and practice session where like-minded folks get together and tie each other (or themselves).  More info can be found on my FetLife events page. If you're curious about what this rope bondage thing is all about, stop by and say hi!

Rope Photo Extravaganza!- January 20th

Want to showcase your rope work with stunning photography? Now's your chance! Bring your skills, your rope, and your imagination. We'll have several highly-skilled and experienced photographers on hand to capture your vision. Get creative with elaborate costumes or pose nude in nothing but rope, or anything in between. The photographers will share their photos with you for your personal use. 

Upcoming Rope Jam Topics

Other Fun Kinky Things to Check Out

Central Ohio is blessed with many great rope-centric and rope-adjacent events. Check'em out!